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The autumn day has finally passed. There is a forecast that a typhoon will approach Kanazawa. I walked around the town of Kanazawa, where the shade was a little cooler, to look for signs of autumn. Looking up, there was an autumn cloud that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Due to the recent heatwave and watching the Olympic games, I tended to stay home, so it seems that the season of residual heat has come without seeing the magnificent cumulonimbus clouds.

As I walked along the woods, I suddenly noticed a fragrance similar to the scent of lilies and jasmine flowers. It was the incense of the “Kusagi” flower that blooms in this season.

The leaves of “Kusagi” have a very unpleasant scent, but I think the scent of white flowers is a good scent. Is it just me?
The leaves of “Kusagi” have a terrible smell when rubbed, but don’t bother trying.

As I continued to look for autumn, I came across a hydrangea that didn’t suit the season. I also met chestnuts.

Due to the epidemic of coronavirus infection, the special place of Scenic Kenrokuen was closed tightly, and despite the holidays, no tourists were seen.

Only the crape myrtle flowers, which were in full bloom, produced a spectacular end of summer.

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